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Research Studies on Lithium and Aggressive Crime and Suicide

Using data for 27 Texas counties from 1978-1987, it is shown that the incidence rates of suicide, homicide, and rape are significantly higher in counties whose drinking water supplies contain little or no lithium than in counties with water lithium levels ranging from...

Lithium in Stroke and Brain Ischemia Models

In a 2007 animal study of brain ischemia, Dr. Yan reports lithium facilitated recovery of brain functions like spatial learning and memory in mice after cerebral ischemia caused by 15 minutes of carotid artery occlusion. The authors state: “These results suggest that...

Research Studies on Lithium and Mood

Nutritional Supplement Levels of Lithium- Benefit for Mood A total of 24 subjects, 16 males and 8 females, average age 29.4 +/- 6.5 y, were randomly divided into two groups. Group A received 400 micrograms/d of lithium orally, in tablets composed of a naturally...

Research Studies on Lithium and Longevity

Japanese Community drinking water Lithium and Mortality Based on a large Japanese observational cohort, we identify effects of tap water-derived lithium on overall mortality. Independently, we have exposed Caenorhabditis elegans, a small roundworm commonly used for...

Research Studies on Lithium and Alzheimer’s Disease

A number of studies have looked at the effect of very low doses of lithium as an Alzheimer’s treatment or prevention option. A 2015 review in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease analyzed the data from three randomized placebo-controlled clinical trials of lithium for...

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Research is showing that this mineral promotes epigenetic modifications that affect the expression of more than 50 genes, and restores neural function, and improves brain health


What People Are Saying

Mom of 2 Boys

“My boys, 6 and 4yo, take this mineral every night before bed. It has made a significant difference in their behavior, emotions, and sleep. They no longer wake in the middle of the night. I have two gentlemen, and emotions are easily managed."

- J.T.

Abuse Survivor

“The biggest thing I’ve noticed was over time is the constant brain fog I experienced before is now gone, and I actually have the ability to articulate what I want to say to someone in a clear and concise way without confusing them."

- L.B.


"Simple daily tasks were a struggle. I was truly miserable some days. After trying this for a week I felt so great! My mood improved which led me to have more energy and be more productive. Those improvements led me to feel better about myself. I have truly been able to become my best self!”

- R.W.

Literally Saved Our Family

Earlier this year, our teenage daughter was struggling. Her therapist and pediatrician recommended a “mood stabilizer”. I knew this was not the solution to what was going on with her. We started coming to Dr. Jessica in April after several months of trying to figure out how we were going to survive the teenage years. After the initial assessment, Dr. Jessica suggested that we try her Brainfood. After we started this supplement, we noticed a difference in less than a week. Our teenage daughter, who was having almost daily meltdowns with screaming, throwing things, and crying, started acting more like herself. She was able to articulate herself, and we were able to have conversations with her. Regular adjustments along with this supplement and essential oils have literally saved our family. My husband and I were at a point where we thought sending our daughter to boarding school was the only way to keep the rest of our family intact. Since we have started with Dr. Jessica, we have seen how powerful these changes are to our children’s health.