What People Are Saying

Mom of 2 Boys

“My boys, 6 and 4yo, take this mineral every night before bed. It has made a significant difference in their behavior, emotions, and sleep. They no longer wake in the middle of the night. I have two gentlemen, and emotions are easily managed.

Before, they would upset easily, scream or pitch a fit if I told them “no” for anything. They would wake at least twice every night at different times. I can tell a major difference in the 6yo processing his thoughts. He can get his thoughts out and speak clearer. ”

– J.T.

No More Brain Fog

“The biggest thing I’ve noticed was over time is the constant brain fog I experienced before is now gone, and I actually have the ability to articulate what I want to say to someone in a clear and concise way without confusing them. But it didn’t happen right away. In fact, I didn’t think it was working at all, and you were the one to convince me to give it more time. So while the changes I noticed were gradual, I don’t think I put it together, all those amazing changes until you asked and I looked back on the past few months and realized the growth I was able to do.”

– L.B.

Feel Better About Myself

“As a 34-year-old woman with ADHD and depression, I have tried it all to help handle the symptoms. Pharmaceuticals made everything worse for me. A clean diet helps so much but I still had symptoms that impacted my daily life. Constantly being forgetful, low self-esteem, and very low energy. Simple daily tasks were a struggle. I was truly miserable some days. After trying this for a week I felt so great! My mood improved which led me to have more energy and be more productive. Those improvements led me to feel better about myself. I have truly been able to become my best self!” –

– R.W.

Balanced Moods; Calm Thoughts

“My whole life, I’d become accustomed to just being kinda off kilter; whether that be quirky & weird or just absolutely disassociated. I struggled with massive bipolar swings, depression, crippling anxiety, intense anger, ADD/ADHD and an overall “checked out” feeling about my life. I tried healthier ways of eating, yoga, the gym, changing social stressors… you name it, I tried it. And while a healthy life style helped tremendously, I still was just… off. I started this supplement on a “well it can’t hurt” mentality and within a week, I knew i’d never go without it. I felt clearer, like I’d woken up into my life again. I finally could sit and process how I went through my days. My moods balanced, my thoughts calmed. I’m able to focus at work, I feel a desire to learn again, I don’t feel defeated because of my lack of focus and memory. I still have good and bad moments but they no longer control me, I can think through and feel through situations without losing myself to that emotion.”

– E.M.

Enjoyable Days

“Before trying this supplement my 5-year-old son was easily overstimulated, aggressive, impulsive, would have intense meltdowns, and overall struggled with handling his emotions. Even getting him to sit and eat a meal was near impossible. We were really struggling with how to help him. After a few days of starting the supplement, I noticed a difference in his overall behavior. A week later we saw a drastic improvement. Now almost 6 months of using it daily we have the most enjoyable days. He sleeps better, eats better, and can handle the big emotions without total meltdowns. Before the supplement, he wouldn’t even play or share toys with his little sister. Now not only does he love playing with her he happily shares his toys. This supplement has been an absolute blessing to our family. The best part is I feel safe giving him something that is so natural!”

-C.W. Mom

Saved the Day

I started taking brain food yesterday while I was home sick with my baby. I asked my husband to come home from work, but he didn’t/couldn’t. Normally that would’ve sent me into a rage! I even realized at the time that I was so angry, but I wasn’t in a “rage” like I typically would’ve been. I really believe EpiMatter worked that fast!

– KH


My close friend and family know that I have not been able to do small hand tasks like buttoning a button or screwing in a cable on the back of the TV. If I have a necklace that is tangled, I have to just throw it away or give it to my husband to untangle because my brain can not handle that, and I will just hulk smash, throw things, and rip it apart. It gets really bad. I started taking EpiMatter two weeks ago. I just realized that I untangled about 10 different necklaces easily, hung them in my bathroom, and looked up at my EpiMatter then burst into tears because I realized that this supplement is the difference in why I could actually untangle those necklaces today. Thank you for this. It’s rewiring my brain so fast.

– MF

No Meltdowns

My son just took his 5th dose tonight. I don’t want to “jump the gun”, but here are a few things I’ve noticed. Today, for the first time, he went into his class at church without hesitation, whining, getting upset, nothing. We also had no meltdowns at a restaurant tonight… And he finished his plate. He has been going to bed without a fight the last 3 nights. Also, today he got angry but didn’t go into full-blown meltdown mode. I know we are still early on but just wanted to share what I have noticed within the week.

– H mom

Feeling Productive

I started taking this mineral about 2 years ago. I have noticed that it helps me to keep my brain on task without getting frustrated with all the little things that seem to pop up when trying to get something done. In the past, I have noticed that I would become easily flustered, upset, and lose focus – getting nothing accomplished. Now I am able to knock out a lot more of my to-do list in one day than I have been able to do in years. I actually am feeling productive and working towards having my downtime be real downtime. This mineral has allowed me to come back and live in the present moment!! I love having my little bags in my bathroom, purse, and at work. I don’t go a day without EpiMatter.


Literally Saved Our Family

“Earlier this year, our teenage daughter was struggling. Her therapist and pediatrician recommended a “mood stabilizer”. I knew this was not the solution to what was going on with her. We started coming to Dr. Jessica in April after several months of trying to figure out how we were going to survive the teenage years. After the initial assessment, Dr. Jessica suggested that we try her Brainfood. After we started this supplement, we noticed a difference in less than a week. Our teenage daughter, who was having almost daily meltdowns with screaming, throwing things, and crying, started acting more like herself. She was able to articulate herself, and we were able to have conversations with her. Regular adjustments along with this supplement and essential oils have literally saved our family. My husband and I were at a point where we thought sending our daughter to boarding school was the only way to keep the rest of our family intact. Since we started with Dr. Jessica, we have seen how powerful these changes are to our children’s health.”

– J.D.


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