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Dr. Jessica Dietrich-Marsh

Your All Natural Family Doc!

Dr. Jessica is a wife to one, mom of four, doc to many, and occasional time-bender. She has been a dedicated biohacker with almost 30 years of experience restoring health. She focuses on finding the root cause of chronic illness, and provides solutions within her Four Pillars Of Health: Structure, Emotion, Environment, and Nutrition – so you are fully SEEN.

While pursuing a degree in pre-med, Dr. Jessica was in a life-changing car accident that would ultimately redefine her view of healthcare. After rigorous chiropractic care, not only did Dr. Jessica see massive structural healing, but she also realized that her lifelong struggle with asthma, migraines, and allergies had completely ceased in the process.

Walking away from conventional medicine, Dr. Jessica obtained her degree as a Doctor of Chiropractic in 1994. Ten years later, after having a significant health scare with her second child, Dr. Jessica began integrating functional medicine/nutrition into her practice.

Dr. Jessica traveled and researched many nutrition-based companies in order to help her patients heal. She realized the importance of the products she chose being created in nature, on a farm, receiving sunlight, experiencing the elements, and minerals in the soil.

Then came the need for something to help with the massive surge in anxiety, depression, relapses, and mental illness.

While her protocols helped, they weren’t helping fast enough. Knowing that learning never stops, Dr. Jessica enrolled in a Functional & Integrative Psychiatry course. She discovered a little-known mineral that was making HUGE changes in the mental health of so many. Going back to her foundation in truth in labeling — as well as her demands for purity — she did not find a product that met her standards.

Dr. Jessica and her team began creating Brain Food That Works, knowing you can change your health and the health of generations to come, when you focus on Epigenetics, good nutrition, and clean ingredients. Check out our research and our testimonials to see why you want this product in your household today.


Marissa Marsh

Marissa spent much of her life dancing professionally on stages across the USA. After a summer in New York with her dream company, in a stressed-out city with unhealthy mentalities she decided to advance her studies at Point Park Conservatory to obtain a BFA in Modern Dance. On her first day, a dancer step onto stage, not paying attention and moved right in line with her jump. Altering her trajectory mid-air, she landed hard, dislocating her foot. MRI revealed torn tendons and a dislocated big toe and the doctors were saying this was the end of her dancing career.

Growing up in a world that taught her to never give words any power and that the brain is the most powerful tool we have for healing, she then started to used all of her knowledge and was back on the stage in a mere 4 months.

Knowing without a doubt that she wanted to dive deeper into how the brain could heal, how trauma could be stored in the body, and how emotions and dysfunction that could result from this, she began to study with multiple alternative practitioners internationally.

Currently, Marissa is a certified NLP practitioner, Raindrop Practioner and Emotional Wisdom Coach which has developed into Self Love Wellness Coaching where she specifically supports women stuck on emotional roller coasters, giving them tools to create healthy structure within their life. When not coaching, she designs and directs all of All Natural Family Doc online courses and educational materials; plus co-founded Brain Food That Works and, in her spare time, travels the world with her partner Isaac.

If you haven’t guessed – They are a mother-daughter duo working together. Marissa grew up in her mother’s clinic; Health inc; opened the doors when Marissa was four months old. Her whole life has been learning how true wellness can change a person’s life, leading to whole family healing for generations.

When testing EpiMatter, patients would come to the office with tears of joy, stories of their families no longer having anger and depression issues, sleep improvement, eyes improving, migraines gone, libido coming back, acne going down, clearer thoughts and on and on.

Using the Four Pillars of Health, Marissa was raised on: Structure, Emotions, Environment, and Nutrition, she started working toward bringing the supplement to life. She designed our packaging out of recyclable material, for the Environmental Pillar. She ensured it was free from colors and fillers, and the ingredients were third-party tested to be free of dairy, soy, wheat, and pesticides to honor the Nutritional Pillar. Then the product itself restores the Emotional Pillar. You will always see the duo providing tips on how incorporating movement into your life improves your brain, and this is the Structural Pillar.

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Research shows that Nutritional Lithium promotes epigenetic modifications that affect the expression of more than 50 genes, restores neural function, and improves brain health.

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What People Are Saying

Mom of 2 Boys

“My boys, 6 and 4yo, take this mineral every night before bed. It has made a significant difference in their behavior, emotions, and sleep. They no longer wake in the middle of the night. I have two gentlemen, and emotions are easily managed."

- J.T.

Abuse Survivor

“The biggest thing I’ve noticed was over time is the constant brain fog I experienced before is now gone, and I actually have the ability to articulate what I want to say to someone in a clear and concise way without confusing them."

- L.B.


"Simple daily tasks were a struggle. I was truly miserable some days. After trying this for a week I felt so great! My mood improved which led me to have more energy and be more productive. Those improvements led me to feel better about myself. I have truly been able to become my best self!”

- R.W.