EpiMatter Promotes…

Less mood swings

Addiction suppression

Mood and sleep improvement

Improved ADD & ADHD symptoms

Inflammation reduction

Migraine alleviation


One mineral that helps all these and more!

According to the World Health Organization,

Nutritional lithium is instrumental in proper physiological and metabolic functions. With EpiMatter, you can take control of your health and heal from the inside out. Made right here in the USA! Here is what the experts are saying.

EpiMatter, by Brain Food That Works

Your all-natural answer to whole body health and wellness

The brain is the epicenter of your hormones, thoughts, and emotions. Are you supporting it correctly? Created from therapeutic amounts of nutritional lithium, EpiMatter promotes healthy neurotransmission and the growth of grey matter, leading to an overall improvement in high-level cognitive functions–including learning & memory–as well as a reduction of symptoms associated with mental and emotional disorders.

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Trust our team of experts! EpiMatter is your key to restore neural function and improve overall brain health.


What People Are Saying

Mom of 2 Boys

“My boys, 6 and 4yo, take this mineral every night before bed. It has made a significant difference in their behavior, emotions, and sleep. They no longer wake in the middle of the night. I have two gentlemen, and emotions are easily managed."

- J.T.

Abuse Survivor

“The biggest thing I’ve noticed was over time is the constant brain fog I experienced before is now gone, and I actually have the ability to articulate what I want to say to someone in a clear and concise way without confusing them."

- L.B.


"Simple daily tasks were a struggle. I was truly miserable some days. After trying this for a week I felt so great! My mood improved which led me to have more energy and be more productive. Those improvements led me to feel better about myself. I have truly been able to become my best self!”

- R.W.